Unexplained Weight Loss in Pets

iStock_000010144870_SmallWith over half of the nation’s pet population being obese, many times weight loss in our dogs and cats can be a good thing. Sometimes, though, when a pet’s weight loss is sudden or unexplained, it can be a sign that something is wrong. This type of weight loss should never be ignored and is important to have checked out right away.

What To Do If Your Pet Has Lost Weight

If you are noticing that your pet is looking a little trimmer than usual, it is important to think about any changes that may be affecting his or her calorie intake and expenditure.

A change in your pet’s diet or activity level might easily explain weight loss. If this is the case, assess whether the weight loss was necessary or whether you need to make changes to allow for weight gain. If you are not sure, consult with your veterinarian. Continue…

Allergy Testing for Pets

itches puppyIf you have a dog or cat with allergies, you probably know how frustrating the symptoms (and your pet’s suffering) can be. Just as with people, there is no cure for allergies in pets. Instead, owners and their veterinarians are left to try to manage the symptoms as best they can.

For some pets, we are able to help the immune system to become less reactive to allergens. You may know a person who needs to get allergy injections periodically. This type of treatment, called immunotherapy, is available for pets as well, and can result in decreased sensitivity to allergens, and decreased allergy symptoms. But, if you’re interested in getting a pet started with immunotherapy, it must begin with allergy testing.

Allergy Testing for Pets

The term ‘allergy testing’ is a little misleading. We are already pretty sure that patients undergoing testing have an airborne allergy, but this type of testing will assess what, exactly, your pet is allergic to. This is done by testing the pet’s skin reactions to a variety of allergens that are likely to be contributing to the pet’s Continue…

Planning for a Pet Sitter

iStock_000020863550_LargeAs you plan your summer vacation this year, you’re probably wondering what to do with your pets. For many pet owners, boarding their four-legged friends at a local kennel is the only option they will consider, but for others, the idea of keeping their pets at home, under the care of a pet sitter, is an appealing thought, too.

But how do you hire a pet sitter? What should you look for? And, perhaps most importantly, what information should you leave for your pet’s temporary guardian? Before you hit the road, consider these tips and use them to make up your mind on what care is best for your pet while you’re away.

Reasons to Hire a Pet Sitter

While a boarding kennel or pet resort might be a fun option for some pets, not all animals thrive outside of their home environment. This is especially true if your pet suffers from severe separation anxiety.

Letting your pet stay at home and hiring a pet sitter can be just the answer for this situation: your pet gets to stay in his or her home environment and can rest easy knowing that home is still home, and that your return is assured. Continue…

The Responsibilities of Pet Ownership

iStock_000016717969_SmallThe level of companionship and devotion you can get from a furry or feathered friend is unlike anything you can get elsewhere. Pet ownership can bring you years of rewarding experiences, but owning a pet is hard work, too. There are a lot of important responsibilities that you have to be willing to take on for the privilege of your pet’s love.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands the responsibilities of pet ownership before they jump in. It’s important that you know what owning a pet entails before you adopt. Here are a few key considerations…


Owning a pet is a commitment for the life of the animal. Far too many people jump into pet ownership, only to return the animal to the shelter or give it away when they realize that they can’t live up to the care their pet needs. Know that you will be taking care of a life, and that that life is depending on you for its Continue…

Pot and Pets

Very good dogAs medical marijuana becomes more commonplace in Michigan, it’s easy to forget that the drug doesn’t necessarily have the same medicinal (or recreational) effects on our pets as it does for us.

This is especially true of medical grade marijuana, which is often grown to have higher levels of THC (and potency). Or, it has been synthetically formulated to pack a powerful punch in the face of the serious illness symptoms it is designed to treat. Because of this, it’s vitally important to your pets that you don’t become careless with your prescription, and leave it somewhere that is easily accessible to pets.

Here’s what to know when it comes to pot and pets…

Stash Your Stash

Pets are, by nature, curious creatures, and are often curious about whatever captures your attention – especially if it smells interesting. Continue…