Raising Funds and Having Fun: The Bugaboo Whitt Memorials

Looking to have a little fun, maybe win a few fabulous prizes and help save the lives of pets in crisis? Then look no further. The Third Annual Bugaboo Whitt Memorial Bowling Fundraiser and Bugaboo Whitt Memorial Raffle are upon us! And with the proceeds of both events going to benefit TEAR Foundation, there’s really no way to lose.

What is TEAR?

Every year, hundreds, if not thousands, of families have to make the choice between providing life-saving emergency treatment for their beloved pet or saying goodbye before they’re ready. More often than not, the balance of that decision hinges on the financial considerations of the treatment needed and the realities of the family’s pocketbook.  Continue…

Hip Dysplasia at OVRS: Surgeon Dr. Lucy Shields Henney

No one wants to hear that their pet has hip dysplasia. The term in itself is associated with images of a crippled, debilitated pet. It doesn’t always have to be that way, however. OVRS’s own Dr. Lucy Shields Henney, a board-certified veterinary surgeon, has a special interest in surgical treatments for hip dysplasia and continues to be on the cutting edge of treatment options for affected pets. Continue…

The Team Approach for Integrating Your Pet’s Care

At OVRS, we believe that a team approach works best for pet care, especially when more than one speciality is involved. You and your pet benefit from our team’s combined knowledge and skills for a more integrated care experience.

Frustrations of uncoordinated care

There is nothing more frustrating than having to bounce from doctor to doctor or to specialist and back in hopes of resolving a health issue. If they aren’t communicating with each other, and often they are not, you can end up confused, frustrated and with less than optimal care. Continue…