Pet Technology: What’s the latest?

pet technologyWhen we’re away from our pets, we want to know they are safe, happy and staying out of trouble. With the latest Pet Technology, we’re able to interact remotely, keep our pets calm or entertained, and even monitor their health and safety. What are some of the best new Pet Tech items on the market?


Our Favorite (Virtually) Indestructible Dog Toys

indestructable dog toysDoes your dog shred any toy you give them within days, hours, or even minutes? Are you getting tired of spending money on dog toys that you know are going to end up in the trash soon? Do you worry about your furniture, shoes, and other household items being destroyed by your overzealous best pal? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are the proud pet parent of an ‘extreme chewer’.

Many dogs fall into the category of aggressive/extreme chewers, and the pet products industry has responded in kind by creating a wide variety of virtually indestructible dog toys.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Our Favorite DIY Pet Toys

Playful CatDo you bring a new dog toy home from the store just to have it destroyed in a matter of hours or days by your exuberant pup? Does your energetic  kitty shred every toy you buy? Or, worse yet, shun the expensive store bought toys in favor of your favorite slippers or the corner of your new chair?

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or don’t consider yourself to be the crafty type, our list of fun, economical, and Earth-friendly DIY pet toys is sure to please your furry friend, without taxing your budget or your patience.

DIY Pet Toys Made Simple

What better way to save the Earth, and your pocket book, than by whipping up a new toy for your pet out of items you already have lying around the home? Continue…