pet cancerHere at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services, there is nothing that we would be more thrilled about than a cure for cancer. Unfortunately, just as in the human population, cancer in our pet patients continues to be one of the most frequent diagnoses that we deliver.

Our expert team at OVRS has been helping pets diagnosed with cancer for a long time, but, as you may know, we are always striving to be better. That is why we have expanded our hospital, adding on a new oncology wing, dedicated to helping our pet patients with cancer.

The Expansion

As the demand for cancer care in pets has increased in the past several years, so has the demand on our existing space. As we identified the demand for more and better options for oncological care, we made the decision to expand our hospital to include a new, dedicated oncology wing.

Thanks to the help of Sachse Construction, we are excited to announce the completion of our addition. The new oncology wing features:

  • 3,000 square feet of concentrated cancer-fighting space
  • Specific oncological surgery capabilities
  • An oncology-specific laboratory
  • Dedicated laundry space for care of our patients
  • Space for the expansion of our oncological team of specialists

The completion of this wing means that we can help even more pets who have cancer and in new ways.

What the New Oncology Wing Means to You

Of course, the completion of an addition is exciting, but it doesn’t mean much unless it actually translates to better care for your pet. Our new oncology wing is designed to do just that: offer focused and improved care for our beloved patients with cancer.

Dr. Erin Bannink, Dr. Jessica Ottnod, and Dr. Michele Sauerbrey and our current oncology staff are moving into the new area that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of their patients.

With this new space, we are now able to accommodate the addition of Dr. Jennifer Covey, a veterinary surgeon who specializes specifically in cancer. We are very excited about this new addition and hope that her expertise will help us to improve outcomes in our patients, and to give us more options in improving quality of life for our pet patients with cancer.

Of course, moving oncology to its own area also frees up room in the rest of the hospital, meaning exciting things for all of our patients, not just those who have a cancer diagnosis. OVRS is also proud to add Dr. Rachel Policelli Smith, a radiologist, to our staff, as well as surgeons Dr. Krista Gazzola and Dr. Lauren Retallack. Dr. David Ricketts also joins our emergency room staff.

So, if you have been wondering what’s been going on behind all that dust and noise at our hospital, now you know. Oakland Veterinary Referral Services is always looking for ways to bring top-of-the-line care to you and your pets, and we feel that we have met the mark with our new addition. We thank you for your patience during our upgrade and invite you to be on the lookout for a fall open house announcement, so you can come in and see just what we have accomplished.