Canine Noise Aversion: When the Sounds of Summer Frighten Your Dog

canine noise aversionLoud noises from fireworks, summer thunderstorms, loud TV sounds and boisterous gatherings can be a source of anxiety for pets, as many dog owners know. Dogs that exhibit signs of fear and more extreme reactions to loud noises have Canine Noise Aversion, classified as a canine phobia or anxiety disorder.


Go Ga-Ga For These Holiday Gifts For Pets (And Their Owners!)

When it comes to gift giving, pets rank right up there with the rest of our loved ones as recipients of our goodwill. Shopping for pet lovers can also be fun, but choosing a gift for them, or for our pets, isn’t always simple and the options are nearly endless.

We love animal-related gifts here at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services, and we hope our list of holiday gifts for pets and pet lovers alike will aid you on your shopping adventures this season!


Have A Happy Howl-O-Ween With These Easy Pet Costume Ideas!

easy pet costume ideasModern pet owners know that costumes aren’t just for people, and if you can’t imagine your pet celebrating Halloween without an adorable ensemble, you’ve come to the right place. Our easy pet costume ideas will have your little buddy looking festive, feeling good, and won’t tax your budget!



Fourth of July: Now That It’s Over, What Did You Learn About Your Pet?

learn about your petWhew! Independence Day was one amazing holiday. From its signature display of fireworks to its call for the ultimate all American burger (you still won’t share your recipe, right?), we think most people agree that the Fourth of July is pretty darn great.

However, now that the fun is over, what did you learn about your pet? Did your pet spend part of the holiday trembling in fear? For most animals, this holiday isn’t on their list of favorite things. It’s noisy, scary and filled with tempting people-food. Let’s take a moment to review some of the things you may have noticed and can learn about your pet this Fourth of July that you may want to think about for upcoming holidays.


Beer, Burgers, and Pet Safety: 5 Tips for Enjoying Memorial Day Weekend with Your Pets

Memorial Day weekend is the official launch to summer. Consisting of cold brews, volleyball, barbecue, and relaxation, this is the weekend where we launch into summer food and fun. While we appreciate this holiday weekend, it’s important to keep in mind that pet safety becomes an issue when you combine food, alcohol, and plenty of distractions.

With a few precautions, though, you and your furry pals can party it up this weekend – without putting them in danger. To learn more about how to have a great long weekend with your pet, read on.


Pawsitively Pawsome Gifts for Pet Owners

Winter time and family lovePet owners everywhere have a lot in common – namely, how much we love and adore our furry friends. A great way to show the pet lovers in your life how much you care is with a pet-themed gift this holiday season, whether it’s for their pets or for themselves.

Get a head start on your holiday shopping or creating with our list of fun and practical gifts for pet owners.


St. Patrick’s Day Pet Safety Tips


OVRS_iStock_000003056205_LargeSt. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and with it come the inevitable parties, traditional Irish food, and the wearing of green. Named after St. Patrick, the most recognized patron saint of Ireland, this day is celebrated around the country, regardless of whether or not the celebrators are of Irish descent!

Because pets are increasingly being considered full-fledged family members, it makes sense that some of us will want to include our four-legged-friends in our St. Patty’s Day festivities. Before you follow that rainbow out the door, however, take a moment to bone up on some important St. Patrick’s Day pet safety tips.

St. Patrick’s Day Pet Safety 101

Don’t leave your pet’s safety to luck, keep the following ideas in mind when celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with your pets this year: Continue…

All You Need Is Love: Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Your Pet

Rocklin_iStock_000017127254_LargeAs Valentine’s Day approaches, do you find yourself wondering what type of treat to purchase for your precious pooch or cuddly kitty? Are you almost as (or maybe more) excited about spending the evening curled up by the fire with your four-legged-friend than your significant other? When you think of love, is your pet one of those that comes instantly to mind?

If this sounds like you, rest assured that you are not alone. According to a recent survey from the National Retail Federation, one in five Americans will be pampering their pets this Valentine’s Day, spending an estimated $703 million on pets from dogs to goldfish (yes, even some goldfish get gifts on Valentine’s Day).

At OVRS we love all pets and can’t imagine not including them in our Valentine’s Day celebrations! We have put together a list of fun and unique ways you can show your best pal just how much you care. Continue…

Everything You Want to Know About Black Cats and Halloween


iStock_000004259663_MediumIt’s Halloween, and images of black cats are everywhere. Have you ever stopped to wonder how the black cat became associated with the holiday? Keep reading to learn everything you ever needed to know about black cats and Halloween.

The History of Black Cats and Halloween

No one knows exactly how black cats and Halloween have become so closely linked. It may have something to do with how stealthy and slinky these beautiful animals can be, often hunting in the darker hours. Black and the night have long been symbols of evil due to the fears of our ancestors.

Many of the old Pagan religions also associated the black cat with witchcraft and evil. This carried through into Medieval times, where witches were said to take the form of a black cat at their will. During the witch trials, black cats were often burned at the stake alongside witches. Continue…

Surprise! Dog Birthday Parties Are In

ovrs-iStock_000003633022_LargeYou can just envision it: the tiny party hats, the decorated dog biscuits, and a clown bending balloons into the shapes of little humans. OK, maybe not the clown… but, it is a fact that pet birthday parties are becoming quite the trend among pet parents.

And, why not? Our pet companions are oftentimes very much like our kids and hold an important place in our hearts and homes.

Throwing the Perfect Dog Birthday Party

So, what does a birthday party for fur friends entail?