Simplify Your Routine With Our Life Hacks For Dog Owners!

life hacks for dogs ownersWho knew that tea bags absorbed odor from stinky shoes, or that toilet paper tubes work perfectly for organizing electronics cords? “Life hacks” such as these give us cheap, effective ways to stay organized, manage our time, and overall maintain our productivity in a fast paced world.

Dog owners can benefit from useful tips and tricks as much as anybody, which is why we’ve compiled our top 10 favorite life hacks for dog owners. Enjoy!


Our Favorite (Virtually) Indestructible Dog Toys

indestructable dog toysDoes your dog shred any toy you give them within days, hours, or even minutes? Are you getting tired of spending money on dog toys that you know are going to end up in the trash soon? Do you worry about your furniture, shoes, and other household items being destroyed by your overzealous best pal? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are the proud pet parent of an ‘extreme chewer’.

Many dogs fall into the category of aggressive/extreme chewers, and the pet products industry has responded in kind by creating a wide variety of virtually indestructible dog toys.


What’s In Your Mutt? Find Out With Dog DNA Testing!

dog dna testingIf you are the proud owner of a rescue mutt, you have almost certainly wondered at their lineage. Does that dark tongue make her part Chow Chow? Is his curly fur a result of some poodle in the mix? He looks like a cross between a boxer and a Chihuahua, but is that even possible?

Finally, there’s a way to settle the intense debate once and for all with at-home dog DNA testing. These easy to use kits enable dog owners to assuage their curiosity about their dog’s lineage, to tailor breed-specific training, and to be on the lookout for certain inherited conditions.


Puppy Dog Eyes: Do You Have A Sneaky Dog?

sneaky dogThere’s no question that dogs are pretty amazing creatures; their amazing noses can sniff out cancer, drugs, bombs, and illegally imported food, service dogs restore our independence by being our hands, legs, ears, or eyes, hero dogs serve in the military, police force, and FBI. Even the “average” dog is far from average, and as a companion goes there is nothing better than the unconditional love and the deep bond we have with our dogs.

Of course there’s a flipside to all of this wonderfulness, and for many of us that involves making sure our beloved pup isn’t left unattended with our half-eaten turkey sandwich. If you are the proud owner of a “sneaky dog”, you aren’t alone!


Laika the Great Space Dog: The True Story of a Hero Pup

space dogFor millennia, humankind has employed dogs in our endeavors. We have taken advantage of their loyal companionship, steadfast endurance, and courageous natures in various ways. From homesteading, hunting, protection, and more, dogs have been our closest allies as we move through time.

Laika, a pioneer in the dawning age of space exploration, is one of the notable canines we owe a great debt to. We couldn’t have made certain aeronautical advances without her help, but little is known about this amazing space dog.

A Lifetime Ago

Before she was a space dog, Laika was a stray mixed breed (Siberian Husky and terrier) living on the streets of Moscow. She was chosen along with other dogs to train for a special mission, but she was ultimately singled out for her calm demeanor and even temperament.


Something Smells Off: Incredible Cancer Sniffing Dogs

cancer sniffing dogsYou probably knew that your dog is good for your health, but you probably didn’t know that dogs are advancing human medicine in ways you never dreamed about. Modern medical science is learning more and more about how our canine companions can be the key to disease detection. Cancer sniffing dogs may sound like science fiction, but this really is an incredible discovery in the health field.

Prostate Cancer and Cancer Sniffing Dogs

It has long been thought that animals have some sort of sixth sense when it comes to illness and death. Now we have some actual evidence to prove it.


Solving Great Mysteries: Explaining the Small Dog Lifespan

small dogsThe Egyptian pyramids, crop circles, Stonehenge…there are some mysteries in this world that continue to go unexplained. Perhaps one of the more compelling mysteries for animal lovers everywhere, though, is trying to figure out why some dogs live to be 20 while others are lucky to get to 8 years of age.

Read on with us at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services to unravel the mystery that is the small dog lifespan.


Mutts Vs. Purebreds: What Pet Owners Need to Know

mutts vs purebredsProspective pet owners have a lot to think about before committing to bringing home a new, four-legged family member. Although many of us gravitate toward a specific pet breed, there are concerns about the overall health and hardiness of a purebred pet, not to mention a desire to help pets in need by adopting from a shelter or rescue. Thus, we may find ourselves struggling with the age-old debate of mutts vs. purebreds.

Genetic Concerns

Inherited diseases and disorders affect all pets, regardless of breed or background, but a purebred animal runs a higher risk of suffering from one of the many damaging genetic conditions. Although there are no hard and fast statistics on the subject, it goes without saying that breeding animals that share similar genetics is going to increase the likelihood of passing on diseases or conditions they may share.


Ear Infections in Dogs and How to Avoid Them

Lovely big-eared friendSome pet owners get to experience more than their fair share of ear problems in their furry wards. A few of you may even be regulars at Oakland Veterinary Referral Services’ dermatology department.

While some ear infections in dogs may be unavoidable, you can help eliminate or minimize the occurrence of many ear infections. Learn more about what you can do to help your dog steer clear of them where possible.

Ear Infections in Dogs

Ear infections in dogs are usually a different type of ear problem than the ear infections we talk about in people but both human and dog ears are comprised of three main parts: Continue…

Breaking Up is Hard to Do:  Preventing and Dealing with Dog Fights

Cordova_iStock_000028058734_LargeIt is a scary experience that, unfortunately, many pet owners have experienced first-hand: Dog fights. Be it between your own pets, at the dog park, or with a stray animal coming into your yard, dog fights are one of the leading causes of injuries that we see.

It is important for pet owners to be know how to help prevent aggression problems where possible and know what to do when dog fights do break out.

The Drive to Fight

Inter-animal communication can be a complicated thing, and sometimes fighting is a way for pets to sort out issues. In order to prevent fights where possible, it is important for dog owners to understand why dog fights occur. Continue…